NEW STUDIO! / October 2013

Since 2013 I started my new studio called Vallée Duhamel, so this website will not be updated anymore. Please visit for all projects, old and new.

Lacoste L!VE / November 2012

Lacoste came over our studio last year to dress up a portrait of us as some of their Unconventional talent series. [...]

Fonds FTQ / Décembre 2012

Fonds FTQ

11 television commercials directed for les Fonds FTQ [...]

Iconic / Juin 2012

Iconic installation designed for Madrid based studio Serial Cut [...]

Coca-Cola Euro 2012 / Mai 2012

Commercial directed for Coca-Cola Euro 2012 [...]

Qualité Motel / Mai 2012

Music video for Montreal band Qualité Motel [...]

We Love Fantasy / July 2011

Visual identity for the We Love Fantasy event in Paris, July 11 [...]

Aol - Artists / March 2011

Installation pieces for Aol Artists .[...]

MTV-Hits / December 2010

Open title for MTV-Hits show in Australia.[...]

Offf Sponsor Titles / Paris, June 2010

Direction of the 2010 Offf Festival Sponsor Titles.[...]

Danse Dance / London, January 2010

Interactive video made for the If You Could Collaborate exhibition in London, UK. [...]

Spray can / October 2008

Paper sculpture. [...]

All work © Julien Vallée - 2013
March 8, 2013

Exhibition at the Contemporary Arts Center of Cincinnati, USA

Rock, Paper, Scissors
The Work of Julien Vallée

160 pages, full colors, hard cover
Published by Gestalten