5 Popular Graphic Design Trends Of 2020

Matching the art with a purpose can be called as Graphic Designing, as that form of presentation renders more meaningful and more powerful messages to the diversified mass! To simply put, Graphic Design is an art with a purpose and therefore, a lot of things goes into consideration while creating a specific graphic design art. Thankfully, with the availability of appropriate digital tools, the job of the graphic designer is getting simplified day-by-day but, still, the challenge of using the right tools and techniques to make the design more than appealing lies in the hands of a skilled graphic designer!

So, if you are aspiring to become one or eager to learn about the world of graphic designing then, better start with these 5 popular trends of graphic design in 2018 to make a lead start, appreciably!

The Color Fonts or Chromatic Fonts can be called the next big thing in typography, which is nothing but OpenType Fonts that can hold additional data in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format! Yes, this means these files can store extra information such as the gradients, textures and so on! Although Color Fonts are nothing new, only in 2018 more software-enabled color fonts have been released, which means, more room for creativity and development in this area!

Well, if you think the concept of minimalism has taken over the world completely then, you are wrong! At least so in the field of Graphic Designing, where minimal designs suddenly seem so dull and boring. It is in the concept of the extravaganza lies the boldness and colorfulness of the graphic design, which even the designers have started to appreciate and therefore, becoming more creative with more vibrant colors and more details!

Who said that the Augmenting Reality concept is only meant for your video games? Well, 2018 is here to end that perception by introducing AR effect in almost every form of graphic designing, such as the logos, and website designing to make it more interesting and more exciting for the viewers! Not only that, in order to ensure that the AR effect so applied is hurdle-free, but two of the important properties are also expected to be incorporated, which are,
1. 360 degrees of context
2. The Z depth

The world is getting smarter day-by-day, for which the best proof is the increase in usage of smartphones! People are shifting from the laptops and tablets to smartphones, for the obvious reason of convenience! So, this poses the challenge for the designers to develop responsive logos that respond or adapt to any and every kind of devices used by the customers, including smartphones. While this idea started to flourish in 2017 itself, the extreme growth can be witnesses in this 2020

Well, the art comes in every form and so in the ‘ruined form’ that has attracted the interest of contemporary graphic designers! Yes, you heard it right! By splashing or scratching or ripping off the proper aesthetic forms of composition, these designers produce some special ruined effect, which is appreciated to be modern and different in this 2020!

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