3 Best JBL Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth Speakers are high in demand these days. And when you look for the top brands in producing Bluetooth speakers, JBL comes in the list. It’s the most liked brand in audio products. They have been producing all the audio products, you can find great quality headphones, home audio systems, earbuds and many more. JBL worked hard on maintaining the quality of their products that’s the reason people are going for JBL products without having any second thought. Like other audio products JBL is also producing good quality Bluetooth speakers and guess what they are great in demand and people are loving them. All the customers are happy with their purchase from JBL and providing positive reviews. consider these best jbl bluetooth speakers here.

In this post we will provide you 3 best Bluetooth speakers from JBL.

JBL Clip 2.

If you are looking for smallest portable Bluetooth speaker that can be hung with your belt or you want to carry them in your pockets then jbl clip 2 is the best Bluetooth speaker for you. This small package comes with 8 hours of battery life which is quite low for average portable Bluetooth speakers but when you look at its size you will be amazed that its quite enough battery life for such kind of small speaker. To stream music on this speaker, you get Bluetooth cconnection. And as this speaker is designed to take outdoors it come with water resistant option. So if any one throws water on you while carrying this speaker you wont need to worry about its damage. It has mono channel speaker which provide decent sound quality on the base of its size.


JBL Flip 4

If you are looking for better performance sound quality speaker from JBL, then JBL flip 4 is your best bet. It has 12 hours of battery life which make this speaker in average battery life portable speaker. The speaker is stereo which produce immersive sound. And it has water resistant feature to feel free in the wet weather or enjoying music while near the pool. But water resistant does not mean that you can throw this speaker in a pool. It means that this speaker can on face a splash of water or rainy weather.

JBL Boombox

If you are looking for a powerful Bluetooth speaker then this one is for you. This Bluetooth speaker is powered with best quality speakers which produces amazing sound. It has battery life of 24 hours which is quite impressive timing for a portable speaker. For connecting this speaker to mobile device it has Bluetooth connection. As the name suggests this Bluetooth speaker is designed for the people who want to listen to their music on loud volume. for more best JBL Bluetooth speakers visit here.

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