The 2 Best 240 Hz Monitors

For many gamers, particularly in the zone of competitive gaming in the world, a high refresh rate is more worthy than the resolution size. With the development in the gaming sector, the requirements of the customers are continuously changing. Initially, gamers more preferred the resolution size. But now they focus more on the high refresh rate. A higher refresh rate delivers the smoother play and possibly an edge over their lesser equipped opponents.so far, there are not numerous monitors with a 240 HZ refresh rate. Most of them have TN panels. Refresh rate becomes an essential feature for the monitors because there is a higher demand for those monitors who provide the facility of the Refresh rate.
A 240 HZ gaming monitors is the Next destination, or you can say that next step for the gamers out there looking to get that modest edge over their competitors for the decisive, responsive experience. 240 HZ gaming monitors will undoubtedly bring you a more responsive experience. It is least noticeable from 60HZ to 144HZ.but to locate the perfect monitor for you according to the requirements is a crucial phase for the customers. There is a high risk of wastage of money if you don’t buy the exact monitor that meets your need. So, to facilitate our customers, I’ve crammed more than 110 monitors, and below is the list of the best 240Hz monitors to purchase.

Following is the list of best 240HZ monitors that you can buy
1. Acer Nitro VG272
2. Viotek GFT27CXB

Acer Nitro VG272
If you are searching for the best 240HZ monitor that is good in quality, choose Nitro VG272 for use. VG272 is the best monitor that provides you the facility of 240HZ refresh rate. If you are ready to get up speed, you will select the Nitro VG272 gaming monitor. VG272 Nitro does not make many sacrifices to achieve its rate. Let’s see what the features that make it the best monitor of 240HZ are.


  • The size of the screen is 27.”
  • The response time of VG272 is 1ms
  • The refresh rate of VG272 is 240HZ
  • G-sync compatible with IPS Free Sync

Viotek GFT27CXB

For Gamers, Viotek GFT27CXB is the better choice, particularly for those who care more about speed than anything else. Viotek is ready to let you spot the slenderest arrangements of your rivals with its 240HZ rate. GFT27CXB also offers G-Sync and Free Sync compatibility. Viotek GFT27CXB keeps the picture clear picture if it is only a Full HD picture. You’ll enjoy a higher brightness level on the plus side that you cannot find in this budget. Let’s see the features that make it one of the best 240HZ monitors.


  • It provides the solution of 1,920 x 1080
  • The response time of GFT27CXB is 1ms
  • G-sync with TN free Sync compatible.
  • The brightness level of GFT27CXB is also right. 400cd/m2 is the brightness level of Viotek.

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