What to Look when Buying Gaming Headphones for PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Resident Evil, Battle Grounds, Fortnite, The Outer Worlds are some game names that are famous among users. As computers are advancing and able to process more power, virtual world gaming is also advancing at rapid speed. Days are gone, when 2D games were popular and there was no interest in playing them of masses. Due to eye-popping gaming graphics, and realistic sounds a very high percentage of people are playing video games for entertainment. While most of them have dedicated their careers to playing games and win prizes through tournaments. Yes, These days video games also have taken the position of real sports the same as football or any other sports. And all the credit should go to the hard-working companies that spend millions of dollars in developing high-end games with realistic graphics and sounds.

In order to fully enjoy present-days games, you will need to spend a high portion of the money to buy all the tools that are needed by them.  Most people like to play games through PC that should be equipped with high-end powerful hardware like CPU, Graphics Cards, Monitors, and Headphones.

While others like to go with gaming consoles route in order to save themselves from the heavy cost of gaming rigs and making things simpler. At the moment there are many gaming consoles being offered to the games but only two of them are the most popular among gamers, PS4 and Xbox One. Both gaming consoles are developed by very reputed firms Sony and Microsoft and they both have a historical background behind their success.

As game developers enhanced the graphics, they also worked hard on the sounds. Realistic shootings, studio-quality background music, and high definition game effects are part of the present-day games. As you need powerful graphics cards to see the realistic game video, you also need a good audio device in order to fully enjoy your gaming experience.

Speakers and Headphones are popular among gamers to use them as a source of their gaming sounds. The speakers can not compete with the clarity of headphones. Even having the expensive speakers won’t be able to reproduce the sounds with clarity. That’s why you will see almost all gaming geeks using headphones.

As a single gaming session take hours so nobody wants to pollute the environment with gun shooting and helicopter sounds. So having headphones included in your gaming setup is a must-have accessory.

You might have already headphones, a webcam with a microphone for your gaming. but they are not going to let you experience the games at its top degree. When communicating, you might find it difficult to use an external microphone and may lose your game focus while moving forward your head to it so your friends can hear you clearly. that’s where gaming headsets introduce themselves.

Are the Headphones and Headsets Same Thing?

No they are not.  There is little difference between them. It is not necessary for headphones to have a dedicated microphone with them to facilitate, mostly we use them when we only need to hear. They are manufactured in a way that they are optimized for listening to music and watching movies or any other usage that involves only hearing. While on the other hand, Headsets come equipped with a microphone with them. Due to the need for a microphone for multiplayer gaming when you need to communicate with your teammate, they are an important part of your setup. Mostly, they are being used in call centers or any other place where the input of voice and output is necessary. And the same formula applies to game headphones. As you need a microphone necessarily with headphones, companies started producing headsets that were especially dedicated to gaming. And a new term was generated and added to the dictionary of advertisements “Gaming Headsets”. These are a special set of headsets that are optimized specially for gaming sound. They are made and tuned according to the sounds of gaming so you experience them with enjoyment.

Wired or Wireless Gaming Headsets?

The first decision we need to make before buying gaming is that whether you want to go for a wired or wireless gaming headset. Both of the options come with their own benefits and disadvantages lets start discussing them.

When you go for the wired one, you have the highest quality sound, as still, the wireless connectivity can not still compete with the high fidelity sound of wired one. But as time is passing on the newer wireless headsets are finishing this difference and these days many high-end headsets exist in the market that sounds almost the same as wired ones. Thanks to the latest advancements in Bluetooth technology.

When it comes to cost, a good wireless gaming headset is going to cost you more as compared to its counterpart wired one. so you should keep in mind, if you have deep pockets to spend on, you can select the choice of a wireless one.

Who is the person that likes to have tangled wired around his/her gaming setup? we guess no one. If you are fed up with wires around your desk, and looking for a cleaner setup. you will need to go for a wireless gaming headset. They will save you from wires. but the down of it is that you may forget to charge them and end up in communication break while playing multiplayer games. we understand how much disaster it could be if it happens for a serious player. but if you are a casual player then wireless ones can suit up.

moreover, if you need the highest-fidelity sound, you will definitely go for wired one. The wired headsets can provide you the highest possible sound quality. and there will be no worrisome of getting a connection break due to no battery involved. you can play games for as long as you need without any problem.

The Importance of Bluetooth Version in Wireless Gaming Headsets?

First of all you need to decide whether you need the wireless headset for your gaming device like desktop, console, etc or want to use on your smartphones, etc too. As most of the gaming headsets come with their specific USB dongle to make them work, while some of them come with Bluetooth facility inside it so you can connect them to any device you want to have Bluetooth. We would suggest you to always prioritize the Bluetooth one as it will expand your option to use them on any device that you want.

When you buy them, you will need to confirm what version of Bluetooth chip is inside them because the more latest one is chipped inside, the better the transfer rate of data will be provided between the headset and streaming device. In order to get the maximum sound fidelity you should buy the one with Bluetooth 5.0 that is the newest version at the moment. And all expensive and high-end gaming headsets are providing this version inside their products.

What Is the Best Physical Connection for A Wired Gaming Headset?

If you are the one who is going for the wired one then you should carefully determine that what wire connection does it have. probably you will see 3.55mm jack with most of the headphones. 3.55mm jack is probably the old technology now. newer high-end headsets are coming with optical cable and USB. These wired connections provide better sound on your headsets as compared to the latter one. So make sure that the one headset that you pick does have optical or USB connection with it.

Always Buy a Comfortable Gaming Headset!

A single game can go from 1 to 8 hours long sessions. and you are going to wear the headset for this long period. Minor discomfort from the headset can make you feel awful if you wear them for a long time. If you don’t choose a headset with compatible headband for your head it might put pressure on your ears by pressing them and even on the overall head. and I think we should not explain how painful it might be.

These days many high-end gaming headsets come with super cozy material used on the ear cups and headbands. And these headsets provide you the facility to bend them or set up according to your head size so they fit properly and put pressure evenly on your ears. We would advise you to spend some extra money to buy a comfortable headset instead of going with the cheaper one that may result in pain full experience for you. Having a cozy headset can make your experience enjoyable instead of a painful experience.

The Importance of The Microphone in A Gaming Headset!

The person who plays newer multiplayer games knows the importance of communication. Having poor communication can devastate your gaming session. As it is important to have good communication with your team members in order to fight with the enemy. If you will be not able to convey your strategy or tell them properly your exact location where you are surrounded by the enemies you are might lose.

It is necessary to get a good microphone with your gaming headset so you can properly benefit from the headset. The poor or cheaper headsets might convert your voice to the wrong tone that can make your friend unhappy. if you are serious that your friend does not get uncomfortable your terrible version of voice so keep in mind to go for the higher quality headset having a good microphone inside it.

How Much Does a Gaming Headset Cost?

When buying a gaming headset, the cost is important to factor to keep in mind. Many of us might end up getting the low-quality headset at a higher price while at the same price you may get a far better one.

A good gaming headset cost starts from $50 and it may go up to the $200 or more. Probably you may get better build quality and better sound per dollar in the wired one option comparatively you will need to spend more in order to get the same quality as wireless one.

There are many budget options are available on Best Buy, Amazon, and Wallmart to get buy one.

What is Best Gaming Headset For Xbox One Console?

Steelseries Arctis Pro is the best headset for Xbox One console you can buy. This headset comes in the high-end products with premium and latest features.  It is a wireless gaming desktop that has 30 hours of long battery backup time. The long-lasting battery can help you to enjoy games for longer periods. and it also does have a quick charge facility. you can charge them in a very short period of time.

if you don’t like charging your headset, then you have the option to use Arctis Pro headsets to use as a wired one. simply you just need to connect the 3.55mm jack given on the left ear cup. The wire is supplied when you buy them.

Steel Arctis Pro is very comfortable to wear, they are built with great precision, The extra foam is added in headband and earcups. they will feel like air to wear. The weight is also very low as compared to other counterparts. The drivers inside them used are 50mm in size that is a big size and produces a wide range of frequencies for producing all types of sounds.

The Bluetooth chip inside it is the latest one used so you have the highest transfer rate with a range of 30 feet.

For additional reading, take a look at the best Xbox One headsets.

What is the Best Gaming Headset for PS4?

Logitech G Pro X is a great headset to buy for your PS4. They are the wired gaming headset so the price is affordable but the headset boasts very premium features that you need to have an exceptional gaming session.

at the 258grams weight, and very comfortable foaming around the headband and earcups make them super cozy to wear. We used them for long gaming sessions and there was not any uncomfort was felt.

The sound quality is high end. you will hear every sound effect from the sound without missing any footsteps or any other necessary sound that you need to hear for a perfect gaming session. We tested them with a wide range of frequency and they passed all of them. They are the perfect headset whether you want to use them as music listening or watching movies too. The 3.55mm jack makes them universally compatible to all devices either you want to use them on your mobile phones, laptops, or gaming consoles.

They are perfectly compatible with PS4. The headband frame is made with the use of aluminum to keep the weight as low as possible and the bendability makes them comfortable to use. Moreover, check our these the best ps4 headsets for 2020.

What Is the Best Gaming Headset for Pc Gaming Rigs?

If you are not a gaming console baby and like to do action on PC as it has a wide range of configuration to play games, and how can not we admire the hotkeys that we use on the keyboard to improve our efficiency.

These headsets have strong bass, very clear voice, and premium features. They have a very comfortable headband and ear cups made with thick foam. The microphone is detachable you can remove them when you don’t need to use them.


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